Email lead generation platform for businesses.

Stride is an AI-powered email lead generation platform that is designed to provide effective, high-quality leads for businesses to drive conversions. Stride uses its AI technology to scan social media platforms on a daily basis to identify new followers and find their email addresses. Unlike some competitors, Stride uses multiple methods such as behavioral analysis, IP address analysis, and content analysis, to filter out bot accounts and ensure the accuracy and trustworthiness of the data. Stride provides its email lists in CSV file format, which can be easily imported into email marketing software or CRM. Stride offers two different tools: the scanner tool and the audit tool. The scanner tool captures email addresses of new followers the moment they start following the targeted profile, while the audit tool generates large email lists from the current followers of the social media page. As for the quality of the leads, Stride provides a range of high-quality personal and business leads, including emails.Stride can be useful for various purposes such as e-commerce sales, newsletter building, event planning, cryptocurrency projects, affiliate marketing, high-risk industries, digital services or personal branding. It supports various advertising platforms such as Facebook Custom Audience, Google Customer Match, Twitter Custom Audiences or LinkedIn Contact Targeting. For getting access to this platform, one can get in contact with Stride.

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Featured on February 25, 2023



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