Creates educational stories for children. is an AI-powered tool that helps you create incredible children’s stories quickly and efficiently. It uses the latest advances in generative AI to help you generate unique and beautiful stories with vivid images and enjoyable plots. By asking simple questions, StoryWizard can create educational stories with gorgeous images that can be shared with friends and family. It is also safe for children, as StoryWizard utilizes state-of-the-art technology and algorithms to detect and remove inappropriate content. People are amazed at how easy it is to create stories with StoryWizard, and the results are incredible. In addition, StoryWizard offers story creation bundles that include story illustrations, the ability to share your stories, up to 8 illustrations per page, downloading stories in PDF format, creating unique story elements, and unlimited story plot text edits. Volume discounts are also available to educational institutions.

Ai Promptly

Featured on November 21, 2022



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