Stork: ChatGPT for Teams

Collaboration platform for hybrid & remote teams.

ChatGPT for Teams is an AI Assisted Work Collaboration Platform for Hybrid & Remote Teams. It helps teams improve communication and productivity by providing features such as recordings, calls, voice notes, video notes, channels, free online screen recorder, and ChatGPT based AI personas such as ChatGPT Lawyer, ChatGPT Marketer and ChatGPT Image Maker. Team members can start a live conversation in any channel, join a live meeting or read the transcription later, and have access to all media records where they participated personally as well as all media records that were part of a public conversation. Stork also creates serendipitous meeting experiences and encourages spontaneous conversations. The platform allows team members to see and hear team conversations in real time or play back the recording later. Stork provides read receipts for all messages in chats & channels and play back receipts for all video & audio conferences. It also provides a marketplace to bring any AI Professional a team may require. With Stork, teams can easily record and share meetings for playback with the entire team, create workspaces with high visibility, and make better business decisions with a single, all-in-one platform.

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Featured on January 7, 2023



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