Voice synthesized content creation & gaming.

SteosVoice (formerly CyberVoice) is an AI tool for creating ultra-realistic speech synthesis with high quality sound. It is designed for content, mod and game creators to create unique, engaging content and monetize their voice. It offers over 50 voices in 15 languages and has over 15,000 users and 25,000 hours of audio generated everyday. SteosVoice provides 44.1K WAV files, making it a great tool for dubbing videos, donations, indie games, mods, podcasts, voice messages for patrons, and audio books. It also offers a Telegram Bot, API, and BrandVoice to help creators create and monetize their content. SteosVoice is a great tool for creating new stories with different voices, congratulating patrons on special occasions, creating voiceovers for websites and news, and creating voice donations on streams. It is also perfect for dubbing games in multiple languages and creating more dubbed content.

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Featured on June 13, 2021



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