Startup Pitch Generator

Create elevator pitches and business models.

The Startup Pitch Generator is a tool powered by Tally, a form creation platform. It helps entrepreneurs quickly and easily create an elevator pitch and business model suggestion for their project. The tool prompts the user to answer a few questions, such as what problem their project solves, a description of their startup in a few steps, and whether it is an app. The answers are confidential and will be deleted after the pitch is generated.Using AI technology, the Startup Pitch Generator automatically generates an elevator pitch and business model suggestion based on the user’s answers. It provides an accurate description of the need and lack of a relevant solution today, as well as a flow of actions a potential user may do. Once the user fills out the required information, such as email and name, the pitch is generated and signed with the user’s name. With the help of the Startup Pitch Generator, entrepreneurs can quickly and easily create a professional pitch for their project.

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Featured on December 12, 2022



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