Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator

Generated realistic prompts for creative output.

The Prompt Generator for Stable Diffusion is a tool created by that uses GPT-3 to generate prompts for creative projects. Users enter a few words into the prompt generator and they are given a detailed prompt in response. The tool can generate prompts for a variety of creative projects such as highly detailed luxury cars, wolf coat of arms, full body nudity before and after transformations, hyper-realistic body sculptures, cloud hammers, step-by-step transformations of a man turning into a woman, portraits, protect the trees, save the world, cyborg logos, standing in a town looking at 8K, the red sun rising over a flowering valley on autumn morning, plushies, and transformers face logos. The prompts are designed to be detailed and realistic, and can be rendered using various techniques such as physically based rendering, vector illustration, modular constructivism, and more. The output of the tool can be used to help create a wide range of visual art, from digital paintings to 3D renders.

Ai Promptly

Featured on November 5, 2022



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