Discovers song meanings for music fans.

Songtell is an AI-powered platform that helps users unlock the hidden depths of their favorite songs. With Songtell, users can discover the true meanings behind the lyrics they love. The platform contains a repository of song meanings generated by AI, which can be sorted by artist name. At the time of writing, there are 39,148 entries in the repository. Examples of some of the songs include Maroon 5’s “Secret”, Maverick Sabre’s “Into Nirvana”, Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland’s “King of My Heart”, and Taylor Swift’s “King of My Heart”. Users can generate new song meanings with AI by signing up and creating an account, which provides one free credit. Songtell is made with love by Flavio Livolsi and comes with privacy policy and terms of service documents.

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Featured on December 7, 2022



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