Snipd Podcast Summaries

Summarized podcasts for quick insights.

Snipd is an AI-powered podcast summarization tool that allows users to quickly get key insights from a podcast episode. Through the Snipd app, users can access audio and text summaries of podcast episodes generated by the AI system. These summaries are designed to help users quickly understand the key points of the episode and identify the parts of the episode they may find most interesting. The AI-generated summaries are currently available for all episodes of the Lex Fridman Podcast, with more coming soon. To use Snipd, users simply get the app, select the podcast episode they wish to summarize, and tap on the audio summary. This allows them to gain more knowledge in less time. In addition, Snipd also provides summaries for other top podcasts, such as those by Elon Musk, Joe Rogan and Mark Zuckerberg.

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Featured on October 20, 2022



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