Assisted writing for creativity and research.

SmartScribe is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps students and content creators overcome writer’s block, generate creative ideas and add clarity to their work. It is optimised for students and content creators, and offers a 7-day free trial. It uses Natural Language Processing technology to help with writing activities such as essay drafts and planning, content writing, research, and re-writing large amounts of text. SmartScribe’s Writing Tool helps to develop the main topic idea for a project, and its built-in ‘Plagiarism Scanner’ grades the text generated by the AI to ensure that the content is original. It also curates information surrounding the topic and creates unique and relevant content in a matter of seconds. SmartScribe also offers an Affiliate Program where users can earn 40% RECURRING COMMISSION for every friend they refer. It is priced at £9/month (with a 7 day free trial) or £7.50/month (with a 7 day free trial) for the Yearly subscription plan.

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Featured on November 3, 2022



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