Slazzer 3.0

Removed background images.

Slazzer is an AI-powered tool that automatically removes the background from any image with the click of a button. Using advanced computer vision algorithms and artificial intelligence, Slazzer can detect the subject in a photo and give you a smooth, clear cut-out of the foreground in a matter of seconds. This time-saving tool is perfect for individuals, photographers, advertisers, developers, car dealerships, news & media outlets, ecommerce stores, and enterprises, and offers a suite of features for each. Slazzer also provides a range of integrations, tools and apps, as well as an on-premise solution and an AI-powered desktop app. The tool also features a variety of editing options such as background removal, painting/erasing blur, selecting images, and adding/designing new backgrounds. Additionally, Slazzer is 100% GDPR complaint and trusted and loved by customers worldwide.

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Featured on October 27, 2020



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