Detect early skin cancer with image analysis.

The React App is a web application that utilizes the create-react-app tool. The app provides a platform for early detection of skin cancer with its AI Dermatologist feature that employs a combination of GPT-4 and computer vision technologies. The platform highlights the importance of early screening, with statistics showing that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer while melanoma is the deadliest type. Moreover, it boasts of a high survival rate of 99% if caught early. To use the AI Dermatologist, users can either take a picture or upload one. The feature then analyzes the image and detects any presence of malignant (problematic) moles, similar to the sample image provided on the page. Conversely, it can also identify benign (healthy) moles. Once identified, users can take the necessary precautions or seek medical attention immediately, in case an issue is detected.Overall, the React App’s AI Dermatologist feature provides a reliable and accessible tool for early detection of skin cancer, which is an important consideration given its high prevalence and potential risks.

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Featured on March 23, 2023



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