Simple ML

Machine learning for Google Sheets.

Simple ML for Sheets is a Google Workspace Marketplace add-on from the TensorFlow Decision Forests team that makes machine learning accessible to everyone. With Simple ML for Sheets, users can use Machine Learning in Google Sheets without knowing ML, coding, or sharing data with third parties. From predicting missing values to manually training, evaluating, interpreting, and exporting models to Colab, Simple ML simplifies the power of Machine Learning to make predictions, spot abnormalities, find patterns, and more. To use Simple ML for Sheets, users must have a Google account and grant the app permission to access their Google Sheets. The app is free to use, and comes with support and privacy policies. Reviews from users have mentioned that the app is simple and effective, and that the start button does not appear.

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Featured on November 30, 2022



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.