Sidekick by Jigso

Chatbot answering app queries using natural language.

Jigso’s Sidekick is an AI tool that allows users to get answers from their apps using natural language. This tool is designed to help users cut through the noise of notifications and reduce the time spent searching for information across different apps. Instead, users can simply ask Sidekick a question, and it will search across various apps to find the answer. One notable feature of Sidekick is its use of natural language processing (NLP), which enables it to understand and respond to human language in a way that feels intuitive. This means that users can simply type out a question or command in their own words, without having to remember specific keywords or syntax. Additionally, Sidekick integrates with Slack, a popular workplace communication tool, allowing users to ask questions and receive answers directly within the Slack interface. Overall, Jigso’s Sidekick is a useful tool for individuals or teams looking to streamline their workflow and improve productivity. By enabling natural language queries and integrating with multiple apps, Sidekick makes it easier for users to access information quickly and efficiently.

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Featured on March 19, 2023



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