Analyzed news aggregator.

Shit Filter News is a platform that uses AI to pick and explain top news stories. The website aims to bring important trends in news to readers by filtering and analyzing the news articles. The main page displays a list of news articles along with a brief summary of each of them. The articles are picked and explained by AI algorithms, so the site is free from any implicit bias or subjective views. The news stories cover a wide range of topics such as financial and ethical conduct of high-ranking public officials, rising wealth inequality and demand for luxury lifestyles, increasing role of technology and remote communication in sports management, and the growing gap between public and private sector pensions. Each news article provides insights into the possible incentives of the participants and their second-order effects. Shit Filter News explains why the events occurred and the possible outcomes of them. The platform provides readers with a clear and objective view of the news, and they can use this information to form their own opinions. The aim of Shit Filter News is to deliver news in a reliable and unbiased manner, thus making it an important tool for those who want to keep up with current events without any spin from journalists or media outlets.

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Featured on March 22, 2023



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