Sheet AI

Automate data analysis in Google Sheets.

SheetAI App is a Google Sheets add-on that unlocks the power of AI in spreadsheets. With SheetAI, users can automate data analysis, generate text, predict values, and create visuals without any coding knowledge. SheetAI has a variety of features that allow users to do everything from sanitizing data to generating feedback summaries. It also has a range of AI-powered functions that allow users to generate answers to questions from preset data, generate images and formulas, and web scrape data from websites. Additionally, SheetAI has features like RANGESTRING, SHEETAI_RANGE, SHEETAI_IMAGE, and SHEETAI_FORMULA that make it even easier to use. SheetAI even has an intuitive setup guide and help section to make the whole process easier. All of these features combined make SheetAI the perfect tool for unlocking the power of AI in your spreadsheets.

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Featured on November 13, 2022



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