Generated SEO copy from analyzed content. is an AI-powered time-saving tool that allows website owners and marketers to quickly generate new SEO copy or rewrite existing copy. It is designed to reduce the workload of website owners, marketers, and agencies by providing them with automated resources and features to quickly generate or rewrite SEO-friendly copy.The software is highly advanced and easy to use, with features such as auto-suggested keywords and subheadings, bulk copy generation via CSV import, and the ability to connect to Shopify and WordPress stores. Additionally, also provides a keyword research tool, allowing users to quickly find related keywords for their is designed to help website owners and marketers generate SEO-optimised copy quickly and easily, without the hassle of manually writing and rewriting copy. With, users can create optimised copy in minutes, not hours, and trust that the content generated is not plagiarised. It also offers a free plan and multi-language support, giving users the flexibility to use the software in their preferred language.

Ai Promptly

Featured on June 8, 2021



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