SEO Stan

Optimized bloggers' websites for SEO.

SEO Stan is an AI-powered micro SEO tool for busy bloggers, indie-hackers, and makers. It is designed to optimize website search engine rankings and generate blog post ideas, search-friendly article titles, meta descriptions, and URL slugs. The tool uses a login system to moderate API rate limits and avoid the “hug of death”. It is integrated with other free micro-apps such as Welma, Linked XP, Gen Z Translator, Begone Spammer, and This Product Does Not Exist. The tool also has social media integration with Email, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. SEO Stan is an easy-to-use and efficient tool that can help busy bloggers, indie-hackers, and makers optimize their website search engine rankings and generate content ideas.

Ai Promptly

Featured on January 27, 2023



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