Sembly AI

Auto-generated meeting summaries and follow-ups.

Sembly AI is an AI-powered team assistant tool that helps to record, transcribe and generate a smart summary for professional meetings. It is capable of working with popular video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, gMeet, MS Teams and Webex, and automatically attends and records meetings. The tool allows users to focus on discussion while it takes meeting notes, detects key action items and decisions, and pinpoints important topics, risks, events, requirements, along with speaker identification and clearing of filler words.Sembly AI generates AI meeting summaries with their unique feature termed ‘Glance View™ meeting summary’ that quickly gives users a complete idea about what the meeting was all about, the discussed topics, and the main outcomes. In addition, Sembly AI can be used to automate follow-ups by generating and sharing meeting minutes with the relevant team members and integrating meeting insights (actions, decisions, commitments) with tools like Slack, Trello, and Todo Apps.The tool is designed to work with everyone from individuals to teams and enterprises, and it comes in the form of web application, iOS and Android applications, Chrome extension, Microsoft Teams, and Philips Smartmeeting. Sembly AI is known for its ease of use, secure sharing, and powerful integrations.

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Featured on September 27, 2021



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