Automated sales outreach personalization at scale.

SellScale is an AI-powered tool designed for personalizing outreach campaigns at scale. Using SellScale, sales teams can reach out to potential customers with hyper-specific, data-driven personalized messages. The AI pulls data from public internet sources to craft the outreach that is unique to the individual or company being targeted. What sets SellScale apart is its ability to automate follow-up communication after an initial training period, leaving sales representatives with more time to focus on engaged prospects. Integrating with various sales tools, SellScale generates and sends automated, personalized messages with no required additional input or changes to the original message. SellScale also acts as an intelligent layer over the current outreach, optimizing personalizations based on the persona it is targeting. The AI learns and adapts to the targeted audience, making changes that can result in double-digit conversion rates. SellScale is used by companies in various industries, such as Fintech, Healthcare, SaaS, and Prosumer, as it adapts outbound communication to specific industry niches and brand personas. The tool has been highly ranked by users and sales teams that have benefited from SellScale’s ability to personalize outreach, resulting in vastly improved conversion rates.

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Featured on November 28, 2022



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