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Rapid web app development with dev bots on a platform.

Second is a developer platform that enables fast web application development with the help of developer bots. The tool offers functionality for generating new web applications or adding full-stack features to existing ones. The bots write code and raise pull requests to complete the development process. The aim is to help technical people such as Founders, Engineers on Product Teams, and Agencies to jumpstart web application development without hiring a frontend engineer, by using modern frameworks and libraries, and writing clean source code. The Second bots deliver features as code, which offers flexibility to tweak or add new features as required. It also offers intelligent recommendations for selecting the best tech stack for a specific project. The tool includes developer bots for writing code and raising pull requests and maintenance bots for periodic upgrades of frameworks, libraries, and point solutions integrations. Second generates modern, scalable, and performant codebases for customers. It is available on all platforms and offers granular permissions to access and control data. Second is powered by AI and interfaces with human engineering counterparts through GitHub pull requests. The platform aims to help developers focus on what makes their company special, while the bots handle commodity features and point solutions maintenance.

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Featured on January 13, 2023



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.