Live chat providing automated sales and support.

Seashore.AI is an AI-powered live chat tool that offers fully automated, human-like sales and customer support chatbots. The chatbot feels like talking to a real human, offering an improved customer experience. The tool incorporates intuitive analytics that offer valuable insights into customer behavior and pain points. This feature helps businesses streamline their sales and support processes, resulting in a 10x return on investment. The tool allows companies of all sizes to reduce their costs by automating customer service and sales processes. The pay-per-usage pricing model of the tool allows companies to scale according to their budget and size, and they only pay for the number of conversations their chatbot has. The tool offers a free trial that allows users to experience its features before committing to a paid subscription. The incorporation of live chats into websites increases their revenue by 67%. By reducing bounce rate and engaging visitors, the tool helps businesses reduce churn by 53%. The tool is easy to set up in minutes, and its AI chatbots offer personalized communication to customers.

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Featured on February 6, 2023



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