Generated visual guides for process workflows.

Scribe is an AI-powered tool that converts any process into a step-by-step visual guide. By using the Scribe recorder while working through a process, the tool automatically generates a how-to guide complete with screenshots, instructions, and clicks. The product interface allows users to add edits and customization, such as additional details, annotations, and branding. Once complete, the instructional guide can be easily shared through URL links, exported as a PDF document, embedded into existing tools and wikis or exported to Confluence. The tool supports integration with popular web browsers such as Chrome and Edge, as well as with desktop platforms. Scribe is used to document processes 15 times faster and helps increase team productivity by 25%. Teams use Scribe to onboard new hires, create SOPs, build training materials, answer questions, and assist customers. It is a suitable solution for operations, customer-facing, sales, HR, and IT teams. Scribe’s impressive performance has attracted hundreds of thousands of teams who save time with its user-friendly interface. Scribe offers a free version, with additional paid features for enterprises. The tool offers a range of resources for its users, such as product demos, customer stories, and ebooks, to support them to get started with the tool.

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Featured on February 4, 2022



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