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Enhanced eCommerce catalog for superior experience.

Scale Catalog is an AI-based tool that enables teams to create, enrich, and enhance eCommerce catalog data to improve customer experiences. It helps to build new eCommerce experiences faster and more efficiently with the combination of machine learning solutions, operational efficiency, and technical workforce. The tool provides APIs to access and enrich product data, and can be integrated with existing infrastructure. It can generate AI-generated product imagery with scene enrichment, aggregate, enrich and refresh product data, add 300+ attributes, classify taxonomies, verify weights, modify images, rank products by relevance, and more. It also uses AI-accelerated human annotation to remove duplicates, merge variants, fix inconsistencies, and correct errors, enabling item authority through consolidated product catalogs. Scale Catalog helps to build stunning product photography, deliver targeted offers, create personalized shopping experiences, improve discoverability, and maximize conversion and ROI. It can also accelerate merchant onboarding, address long-tail product and content issues, and scale marketplaces.

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Featured on November 22, 2021



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