Automated bookmark sorting and top-link suggestions.

SavePop is an AI-powered social bookmarking service that promises to be smarter than the average cat. Its main function is to allow users to submit URLs, which are then sorted and categorized automatically by the AI. The platform is intended to be user-friendly, and the AI-powered sorting and categorization system is designed to save users time by reducing the amount of manual categorization required. SavePop also claims to be able to provide users with top links, which are presumably links that have been selected as particularly noteworthy or valuable by the AI. While the platform’s website does not provide exact details on how the AI performs this sorting or what criteria it uses, it does suggest that the process is entirely automated and does not require any human input.Overall, SavePop appears to be a useful tool for those looking for a simple and time-saving way to manage bookmarks and stay up-to-date on top links. However, without more information on how the AI categorization system works, it may be difficult to fully evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of the platform.

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Featured on March 30, 2023



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