Sassbook AI Summarizer

Advanced text summarization for content understanding.

Sassbook AI Text Summarizer is a cutting-edge AI summarization tool that creates abstractive summaries with deep understanding of the original content. It is ideal for students, teachers, content creators, and anyone in the academia who needs to quickly comprehend large amounts of text. With more than three summary size targets available, users can choose between extractive and abstractive summarization modes. The tool also features an API for automated summarization workflows and quality feedback from users. Sassbook AI Text Summarizer is powered by modern AI natural language generation technologies, which enable it to produce summaries that are comparable to those generated by a human expert. The summarizer understands the context of the text and rephrases it in its own words, allowing for a more accurate and concise summary. Additionally, users can generate one-line summaries for short text and assign awesome titles, headlines, or taglines to their content using the AI Headline Generator. With commercial plans, users can enjoy summarizing large documents without daily limits and full automation of their text summarization workflows.

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Featured on June 13, 2021



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