Improved customer support through messaging assistance.

Sapling is an AI messaging assistant designed to improve response quality and efficiency for customer-facing teams. It integrates with popular messaging platforms and CRMs to provide real-time suggestions to help agents quickly compose personalized responses. Sapling Suggest™ retrieves relevant responses from a team response bank with the click of a button, while Autocomplete Everywhere™ provides deep learning-powered autocomplete suggestions across all messaging platforms. Sapling also catches 60% more language quality issues than other spelling and grammar checkers using a machine learning system trained on millions of English sentences. Sapling also enables teams to share knowledge with a snippet library and text expansion shortcuts/macros, and gain business insights from conversational data with natural language processing. It also provides best-in-class omni-channel support and enterprise security, with TLS and AES-256 data encryption, PII redaction, and SSO and MFA available for end-user identity management. Installation is simple and fast with two-click provision and 90% adoption rate. Overall, Sapling provides teams with improved and optimized omni-channel customer experience, higher-quality professional messaging, faster response and handle time, and improved customer satisfaction. Managers gain conversational insights to coach and prepare teams, while achieving greater efficiency and improved language quality.

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Featured on October 28, 2020



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