Automated cold email writing and sending for sales.

Salespitch is an AI-driven tool that automates the process of writing and sending cold emails to prospective customers, with a focus on increasing their conversion rate. It is accessed through a website and can be connected to a user’s email account through SMTP. The tool allows users to create campaigns by specifying their product or service, benefits, and call to action. Prospects can be imported through a spreadsheet or added manually. Once the campaign is launched, Salespitch’s AI generates hundreds of personalised emails every day, which are sent directly from the user’s email account. Users can monitor the performance of their campaigns, and the tool’s hyper-personalised email writing ensures that emails are written specifically for each individual prospect, increasing the chances of success. The tool offers a range of features to help users optimise their campaigns, including automated B2B email prospecting, smart summarisation of URLs (“SmartSummarize”), and subject line suggestions. Salespitch is available at different price points, with accessible pricing for individuals as well as for startups and larger organisations. Users can try the tool for free, with the ability to add up to five products or services and send personalised emails from the dashboard. Personalised email tone is a key feature of Salespitch that ensures the emails speak to each prospect as an individual, spending more time and attention to detail than traditional cold email templates.

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Featured on December 4, 2022



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