Sales-oriented personalized email generator.

Salesboom.AI is an AI-backed outreach assistant that helps users create personalized emails for their target audience faster and at scale. The tool is designed to help users spend more time on revenue-generating activities and less time on email composition. The beta version of Salesboom.AI is available for use and can be accessed through the Chrome extension. Once a user logs in to the tool, they are prompted to provide their identity and details of the intended recipient. Salesboom.AI then generates a customized email that can be reviewed by the user before being sent. This process enables users to create more pipeline, book more meetings, and win deals faster. The aim of Salesboom.AI is to help sales professionals to work more efficiently while still delivering a personal touch in their outreach. Though the tool is in beta phase, it promises to offer an innovative solution to the common problem of time-saving among sales professionals. Users can reach out to the Salesboom.AI team for additional information or to request a demo.

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Featured on February 25, 2023



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