Analyzed data using natural language interface.

RTutor is an AI-based tool for data analysis. It provides a natural language interface for users to interact with their data. It can be used to generate R and Python code for various statistical analyses and generate reports in HTML format. It is built on OpenAI’s powerful text-davinci-003 language model and can translate natural language into R and Python code.It supports data files in CSV, TSV/tab-delimited text files, and Excel formats. It can also detect data types automatically, convert numeric columns to factors, and generate descriptive summaries and plots. It can also generate code for correlation, GGpairs, and other analyses.RTutor also supports natural language processing in dozens of human languages, including Chinese, Ukrainian, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, German, French, Luxembourgish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Persian and more.It can also be used to answer generic questions without mentioning column names as it can detect and understand context. RTutor is released as a prototype for testing and improvement.RTutor is a personal project of Steven Ge and is freely available for academic and non-profit organizations only. Commercial use beyond testing is not allowed.

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Featured on December 12, 2022



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