Roboto AI

Analyzed multi-modal sensor and log data for robotics.

Roboto AI is an AI-powered data engine designed specifically for exploring and analyzing multi-modal sensor and log data in the field of robotics. The tool allows for a simple and efficient search for robotics data by securely storing slices of data in the cloud. Users can then search, analyze and transform data in a few clicks, filter and downsample raw data for fast upload, enrich and transform data with existing models, and export data to labeling and training platforms. Roboto AI also allows users to compile datasets and find edge cases by using AI to search sensor data, search data with powerful multi-modal queries, analyze data for patterns and edge cases, transform data for labeling and training, and tag and share slices of data with their team.The tool offers natural language search capabilities to search data across multiple modalities at the same time. Additionally, Roboto AI features signal search technology that allows for highlighting any time-series signal to find similar occurrences across datasets. It supports common formats like ROS data, ROS 2 data, PX4 data, and more, making it easy to transform and analyze data for robotics frameworks. Roboto AI also offers resources such as video tutorials, documentation, and customer stories to help users get started on building and learn more about advanced analytics, features, and shortcuts. Overall, Roboto AI is a tool that helps users search and analyze robotics data with ease, saving time and effort in data exploration and analysis.

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Featured on March 31, 2023



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