Planning personalized vacations without the hassle.

Roamr is an AI tool that takes the hassle out of planning vacations. It curates and personalizes experiences tailored to how the user travels, eliminating the need to research across 100s of websites. With Roamr, users can quickly and easily build their dream vacation in seconds. The tool allows users to input their destination and travel preferences, and then generates an entire trip, personalized to the user. It also offers an expansive ecosystem of pre-planned trips from friends, travel agencies, and other Roamrs, offering users inspiration and ideas for their next adventure. For those looking for something specific, Roamr also has a search feature that quickly delivers full itineraries for the user’s dream vacation. Roamr is designed to save users time and effort in travel planning and offers an easy-to-use platform that is accessible on desktop and mobile. Reviews from users attest to the tool’s success, with people citing how fast it is and how it gives them a starting point based on how they travel. If you’re looking to plan your next vacation with ease, Roamr is the tool for you. Download the mobile app today and start creating itineraries on the go.

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Featured on October 27, 2022



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