Facilitated writing with templates & multilingual chat.

Revspot AI is a platform built to revolutionize the way we write. It is a word processor that is powered by AI technology, allowing users to unlock their writing potential. With the click of a button, users have access to an extensive library of AI templates and can instantly create professional-grade copywriting. In addition to the AI-powered writing tools, Revspot AI also has support for 5 languages, a chat support system, a long-form blog module, and a long-form summarizer. To take advantage of all the features, users can opt for a base or growth plan, both of which are billed monthly. The base plan is $99 per month, while the growth plan is $29 per month. Revspot AI also offers a 7-day free trial, so users can test out the features and decide if it is right for them.

Ai Promptly

Featured on November 8, 2022



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