Emotive voices for video/podcast text-to-speech.

Revoicer is an online AI text-to-speech tool for generating realistic and human-sounding voices in multiple languages, with customizable voice types, pitch, and speed. It provides over 80 AI voices, each with expressions and tone inflections that make people more engaged with the content. Revoicer offers various emotions to add to the AI voice tone, such as friendly, cheerful, sad, angry, unfriendly, whispering, shouting, terrified, and excited. The tool is powered by new-generation artificial intelligence emotion-based text-to-speech engines and can be used for sales videos, education videos, podcast videos, and more.Revoicer is a cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to hiring human voiceover freelancers. With an average response time of 1 minute, users can generate voiceovers, preview them, and download them for use in their projects. The interface is simple and intuitive, making it suitable for beginners. Revoicer allows users to update the content of their voiceovers anytime without additional costs. However, it is not meant to replace human voiceovers but to provide a scalable alternative.

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Featured on December 6, 2022



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