RevFit AI

Sales forecasting and qualification platform.

RevFit AI is an AI-powered sales qualification and forecasting platform that uses machine learning to discover and refine your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). The platform allows users to prioritize their deals, monitor pipeline health, and refine forecasting to win smarter. The tool offers users valuable predictions based on their ICP and the current state of all deals in their pipeline, including predicted quota attainment, propensity to win, predicted close date, ICP fit, predicted close amount, and more. RevFit AI also provides a custom-trained ChatGPT-powered assistant for unique pipeline insights across all deals, helping users understand how to approach each effectively. To use the tool, users only need to create an account and connect their CRM. They can then choose which objects and fields to include in the ML models and start prioritizing their pipeline, acting on AI-generated insights, and get their teammates wondering what their secret is. The platform is available for free for sales individuals as long as they want to use it, and it helps users avoid poorly-qualified opportunities and focus on those that are the best fit to pursue. Overall, RevFit AI provides a valuable solution for sales professionals looking to improve their sales qualification and forecasting processes, ultimately helping them win more deals and achieve greater revenue growth. The tool is easy to use and free to access for individual sales professionals.

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Featured on March 31, 2023



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