Resume Worded

Evaluates job seeker profiles and resumes on LinkedIn.

Resume Worded is an AI-powered platform designed to instantly give tailored feedback on resumes and LinkedIn profiles to help job seekers land more interviews and opportunities. It features a free resume grader that checks resumes for criteria recruiters are looking for, as well as personalized feedback from the resume grader. It also includes resume targeting to tailor resumes to specific job descriptions and LinkedIn optimization to help job seekers get found by the right people. Additionally, users can access sample bullet points from top resumes across all industries and skills, as well as resume samples from successful job applicants. Resume Worded is trusted by over 1 million job seekers and has been featured in publications such as The Next Web, Product Hunt, and It is also used by universities, bootcamps, and educational institutions to improve student outcomes and offer career coaching services.

Ai Promptly

Featured on May 7, 2020



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