Generates fashion designs and product images.

Resleeve is an AI tool that enables users to create AI-generated fashion designs and images. It offers a range of features, such as design variations, vitalize sketches, generating photoshoots and inpainting. The tool is suitable for product design teams, creative heads and owner-led businesses that need to create great designs quickly and efficiently. Resleeve uses generative AI, which means that it has been trained with dynamic concepts and is equipped to understand what resonates with an audience. The AI tool allows users to upload an image or a sketch and provide a description of their project. Through this, Resleeve generates new, unique and previously unseen designs that meet the user’s market requirements. The tool is designed to transform the design process, enabling users to create appealing designs in a matter of minutes, explore endless design concepts and possibilities, and turn their sketches into high-quality product designs. Additionally, users can generate photoshoots and showcase their products in real-life scenarios without having to hire models or use any props. Resleeve offers solutions for the fashion, jewelry, textile, and animation character industries. Overall, Resleeve is a benchmark in assistive, generative AI, empowering design potential to unparalleled excellence.

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Featured on January 8, 2023



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