Autogenerated email and message replies.

ReplyAssistant is an AI-powered email and message response generator that utilizes advanced AI technology from OpenAI to generate personal and professional responses to emails and messages in real-time. By automatically generating responses, this tool can save users time and effort in their communication efforts. ReplyAssistant can be used in three ways: the in-app method, the generate reply method within the share menu, and the ReplyAssistant keyboard method. The keyboard method requires users to first install the ReplyAssistant keyboard and then long-press on the Globe button to select ReplyAssistant from the keyboard menu, after which they can input their question or message and click on the ReplyAssistant button to generate a response. The tool claims to be using OpenAI’s latest chat API AI to generate more accurate responses. In addition, ReplyAssistant invites feedback and suggestions to improve their Privacy Policy.

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Featured on March 16, 2023



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