Track and incentivize longevity research.

Rejuve is a decentralized AI-powered network that aims to contribute to longevity research by building a network of researchers, clinics, and data contributors. Members can monetize their health data and contribute to breakthrough discoveries in the fight against aging. The network provides affordable and accessible longevity therapies by allowing members to earn RJV tokens, which can be redeemed for discounts on supplements, medical tests, therapies, and more. Rejuve’s Longevity App helps users measure and track their lifespan while improving their healthspan. The network incorporates various AI tools, including the OpenCog Hyperon AGI engine, which is an open-source framework aiming to facilitate the emergence of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Their Bayesian Expert probabilistic logic Bayesian net service makes the manual creation of Bayesian networks based on expert rules and statistics directly from medical literature easy. Additionally, their Generative Cooperative Network (GCN) is a deep neural embedding framework that combines multiple neural architectures to create embedding vectors representing aspects of each member’s profile. Rejuve has partnerships with various organizations, including SingularityNET Foundation, Cryptopia Group, and Tru Diagnostic, among others. The network also has a team of experts, including Jasmine Smith as CEO, Dr. Deborah Duong as CTO, and Dr. Ben Goertzel as Chief AI Scientist.

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Featured on February 26, 2022



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