Code automation and improvement.

The VS Code Extension for Refraction is an AI-powered tool that improves and generates code within the VS Code editor. The extension enables developers to automate tedious parts of software development, such as testing, documentation, and refactoring, so they can focus more on what matters. With Refraction, developers can detect bugs, add debug statements, refactor code, generate unit tests, add types, style check, and create documentation without leaving the VS Code editor.The tool is powered by AI, which enables it to automate various repetitive tasks in the code development process. It is designed to help developers save time and effort while building great software. The Refraction extension is available in the Visual Studio Marketplace and can be downloaded for free. Users are required to log in to the platform to get their IDs and can use the tool 10 times for free. To continue using the tool, users can choose from the pricing plans available on the website.

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Featured on February 23, 2023



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.