Innovative rap battle simulation and creative aid.

RappingAI is an AI tool that simulates rap battles between users and an AI-generated opponent. Users can choose to battle the AI in Battle Mode or practice their rap skills in Lyrics Mode. To start a rap battle, users must create a rapper name and tell the AI about themselves, providing ammunition for the AI to use in the rap battle. The user and AI alternate turns responding to each other’s lyrics, with each person having only 60 seconds to respond. Users can purchase word packs to expand their vocabulary, with three options ranging from 1000 to 850,000 words. Payments are securely handled by Stripe, and the tool never sees the user’s card details. Users can sign up for free and receive an initial bundle of 180 words. While RappingAI is primarily marketed as a fun and entertaining AI tool, it can also be seen as a creative tool for lyricists and songwriters to practice their rhyming skills, develop new vocabulary, and challenge themselves in a unique way. Additionally, the tool demonstrates how AI can be used to generate creative content and interact with users in a playful way.

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Featured on November 24, 2022



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