Evaluation of programming skills for recruitment.

Rankode is an AI-powered tool designed to help recruiters evaluate programming skills quickly and accurately. It evaluates the code of potential developers and draws conclusions about their proficiency in the language, their experience and expertise, coding ethics, and whether they are the best fit for the company. By uploading a zipped project or pasting a link to the candidate’s GitHub or other git repository, recruiters receive a detailed report ranking the candidate. Rankode is unbiased and retains no personal data, and it can be tailored to specific needs and requirements. It also helps to promote in-house IT specialists and create a fair evaluation system for all HR processes. This AI-tool helps recruiters to narrow down the selection of potential candidates and save time, money and resources. It also helps to accurately measure expertise, experience and enthusiasm, as well as a candidate’s interview performance.

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Featured on December 21, 2022



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