Investor outreach and fundraising for startups.

Raizer is an AI-powered tool designed to assist startup companies with raising funds by finding relevant investors quickly and easily. With Raizer, startups can save hours aggregating data on thousands of VCs and Angel investors, including their preferences and contact information, using a verified and up-to-date investor database. The platform generates highly personalized and hyper-specific messages using AI, which users can choose to craft in different tones of voice, such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk styles, or a casual style. The tool allows users to reach out to relevant investors via email, LinkedIn, or Twitter, wherever they prefer. Raizer can also facilitate introductions and provide response-guaranteed warm introductions to 500+ top VCs, Family funds and Angel investors. Raizer is easy, fast, and free to get started, making it a must-have tool for any startup founder who is raising money. Users have highly recommended Raizer for simplifying the fundraising process by eliminating the need for manual research and outreach.

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Featured on January 23, 2023



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