Generates MCQs from text input.

QuizWhiz is an AI-based tool that helps users generate multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from any text input. All users need to do is provide a body of text and the AI will automatically generate questions and their corresponding answers, along with multiple-choice options. The AI is context-aware, meaning that it can differentiate between words such as ‘Apple’ (the company) and ‘Apple’ (the fruit) based on the context.The tool is free to use for individuals getting started and offers up to 1000 and 5000 runs per month for the Basic and Pro packages respectively, with the Pro package also offering a PDF file upload option. QuizWhiz is suitable for users with basic to regular requirements, and offers a simple and affordable pricing plan. For any feedback or queries, users can contact the admin at [email protected]

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Featured on December 26, 2022



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