Automated testing of server integration.

Pythagora is an automated integration testing tool that is designed to create tests by analyzing server activity, without requiring the user to write any code. It is super-easy to use, as all the user needs to do is install it with npm, run a capturing command, then a test command. Additionally, Pythagora can create tests for each API request swiftly, which enables developers to work on the core codebase instead of spending 20-30% of their time writing tests. Pythagora’s test process is built upon capturing each server activity and restoring the server state during testing. This enables the server to be in the same state during testing as it was during the capture process, thus allowing tests to run on any environment. Pythagora saves all the server’s activity such as the database queries and documents used during the test capture, and it can restore the server state using a temporary database during the testing process.Pythagora also integrates GPT-4, enabling developers to have their QA at service by automating the creation of negative tests. In the closed beta phase, GPT-4 is used to create a test suite of 150 tests that achieve an 80% code coverage in 30 minutes. Overall, Pythagora is a unique testing tool built to take the burden off developers, hence allowing them to focus on their core tasks.

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Featured on March 22, 2023



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