Brainstormed, multilingual text, flexible presentations.

ProtoText is a free desktop application suitable for brainstorming with AI assistance, note-taking, composing multilingual text, creating flexible presentations, building knowledge networks, and managing project content. The app has a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that organizes text into individual “cards,” allowing users to easily drag and drop them, duplicate or delete them without the need to select text. This approach offers more flexibility than traditional text writing and saves time. ProtoText’s built-in ChatGPT allows users to interact with a prompt engineering engine to improve prompts and generate content. The app also allows users to translate content into any language without losing connection with the original text and localize all pages of content synchronously in a special app mode. ProtoText features an encryption function that protects data with strong encryption, without the possibility of recovering passwords. The app also has many real-world use cases, from a library of generated images, a knowledge base, to organizing hundreds of media files or synthesizing audio samples. ProtoText’s Manifesto highlights that the app is minimalistic, private, offline-first, open-source, with no ads or registration. ProtoText users have access to tutorials, a usage guide, a community, a Q&A section, and a helpful “how-to” guide.

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Featured on March 1, 2023



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