Proposal Genie

Effective proposals aided by intelligent support.

Proposal Genie is an AI-powered tool that helps freelancers write winning proposals quickly and effortlessly, increasing their chances of landing jobs on popular platforms like Upwork and The tool simplifies the proposal writing process, requiring users to only input their profile details and the job specifications they are applying for, and then generates a customized proposal in just a few minutes. Proposal Genie’s AI algorithms are continually learning, providing improved and more relevant results over time. Proposal Genie users can easily customize their proposals to fit the job requirements and make them stand out from the competition, without spending hours writing, proofreading, and revising each proposal sent out. In addition, the tool has a comprehensive database of skills and experience, which allows users to find jobs that fit their abilities and experience, increasing their chances of being hired. Proposal Genie’s simplified process also makes it easy for freelancers without technical knowledge to use and create outstanding proposals without any hassle. Users have access to powerful analytics tools that enable them to track their progress, success rate, and receive expert feedback on their proposals to ensure they meet industry standards, giving them confidence in their job applications. The tool also offers a customizable template feature, which users can take advantage of to create proposals that look exactly how they want them to.

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Featured on December 9, 2022



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