Automated Reddit lead generation and engagement.

Promotee is a Reddit marketing tool that automates the process of generating, engaging and connecting with leads. It helps users save time in research by providing access to relevant subreddits with a single search, generating hundreds of leads in minutes. Promotee’s AI-crafted messages are personalized, increasing response rate to over 40%. The AI guard ensures users don’t send or spam with their Reddit account, preventing violations that could lead to account suspension. The modern inbox centralizes conversations in one place, and the easy-to-use intuitive UI allows users to focus on conversations. Promotee pricing is free, basic, and premium, and the tool can be used to validate business ideas, find early adopters, or connect with potential clients for agencies and freelancers. The tool is secure, and users can connect their own Reddit account to get full control over their marketing.

Ai Promptly

Featured on April 27, 2022



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