Generates virtual worlds using advanced automation.

Promethean AI is a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that works together with Artists to build virtual worlds. It offers a range of features that are designed to help Artists with creative problem solving, generate ideas, and automate mundane and non-creative tasks. It also has the capability to learn from and adapt to the individual tastes of each Artist. The free version of Promethean AI is available for non-commercial use and additional licensing options are available for projects with financing below $100k/year (Indie) and above (Professional). Promethean AI is the brainchild of Andrew Maximov, a Technical Art Director at Naughty Dog Inc. (Sony Interactive Entertainment). Andrew, along with a team of experienced specialists in technology and entertainment, have worked together to create a tool that makes it easier for Artists to create and share their work. The goal of Promethean AI is to democratize the creative process and empower anyone to create stories that would otherwise be impossible.Promethean AI features a range of tools that are designed to help Artists, from installing and customizing assets, to command line basics and teaching Promethean. In addition, Promethean AI offers an Environment Art Internship program, where they trade their experience in building virtual worlds for insight into making the artist experience better and faster. Finally, they have been featured in various publications, such as WIRED, VentureBeat,,, and Gamasutra.

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Featured on June 19, 2020



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