Prodigy AI

Personalized career coaching for job seekers.

Prodigy AI Coach is an AI-powered career coach that helps job seekers find their next gig. It is designed to provide personalized career advice tailored to the individual user. Users can start by entering their name, job title, years of experience, and major skills. Then they can indicate which languages they are interested in learning, their job search status, and their email address. If they choose to, they can then upload their resume to enable Prodigy AI Coach to tailor its advice to their experience. Prodigy AI Coach will then generate personalized advice based on the user’s information and send it to their inbox. After generating the results, the resume is deleted. Prodigy AI Coach is free to use and users are encouraged to share the generated replies and spread the word. It is built with AI and the Prodigy team, and is ©2022.

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Featured on December 11, 2022



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