Art and music creation using artificial intelligence.

Prodia – AI Art and Music is an AI tool that allows users to create art using artificial intelligence. The tool offers various AI-generated art options, including Analog V1, Anything V3, Anything V4.5, Ellldreth’s Vivid Generate, TheAlly’s Mix II, and SD 1.4. Users can create their own art by choosing from these AI-generated options. The tool also offers the ability to generate art faster by signing up for a free account. In addition to art creation, Prodia also features AI-generated music. Unfortunately, the MVP version of the tool currently has issues with Javascript, so it is currently not usable without enabling it. Prodia is open to users joining their Discord community where they can learn more information about the tool and connect with other users. Overall, Prodia – AI Art and Music is a useful AI tool for those interested in generating art and music using AI algorithms. It provides a variety of AI-generated options for users to choose from and allows them to create their own unique pieces.

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Featured on July 25, 2022



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